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Foto: Cik viegli sociālajos tīklos manipulēt ar savu ārieni?

Foto: Instagram.com/selfloveclubb/

Cilvēki mūsdienās ļoti bieži vēro citu cilvēku profilus sociālajos tīklos un dažreiz pat apbrīno viņu izskatu un nodarbošanos. Tieši tāpēc 24 gadus vecā Mile Smita (Mille Smith) sociālajā vietnē «Instagram» izveidojusi profilu, kurā cenšas parādīt, ka fotogrāfijas ne vienmēr atbilst reālajai dzīvei.

Mile savā profilā publicējusi vairākas fotogrāfijas, kurās viņas ķermenis redzams no dažādiem leņķiem. Ja vienā no fotogrāfijām viņas viduklis izskatās slaids, tad blakus esošajā ir redzams, ka patiesībā Mile ir nedaudz apaļīgā.

«Ar kameras leņķi un apģērbu es varu izmainīt savu augumu tā, ka sabiedrībai liktos pieņemamāk,» raksta Mile. Sieviete norāda, ka mediji un aplikācijas sabiedrībai pazemina pašapziņu, kā arī liek justies neērti par saviem augumiem.

«Abas šīs fotogrāfijas ir skaistas. Abas šīs fotogrāfijas ir cienīgas. Tomēr tikai vienā no šīm fotogrāfijām redzama patiesā es,» raksta Mile, aicinot sociālo tīklu lietotājus atbrīvoties no profiliem, kas cilvēkiem liek justies nelaimīgiem.


Same girl, same day, same time. 〰 With a camera angle and clothing I can change my body into something that society would deem more acceptable than the photo on the right. 〰 Recently insta was voted as the most damaging app to body image/self esteem. That's not ok. 〰 The media constantly wants us to be more filtered, more posed, more flexed. Making us ashamed, afraid and resentful of our bodies, our natural vessel. 〰 We compare ourselves to these images of posed, strategically taken photos. Comparing yourself is a thief of your joy/self love and even more so when you're comparing aesthetics to images that aren't reality. 〰 Both these photos are beautiful . Both these photos are worthy. However only one of these photos is truly me, comfortable and naturally loving myself... 〰 Get rid of accounts that make you feel negative, get rid of people in your life that don't make you feel happy, loved and beautiful. Don't let an all ruin your life. 💜💛💜

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BIGGEST dress size I've ever been. HAPPIEST with myself I've ever been. 🙅🏽BECAUSE YA WEIGHT GOING DOWN/ DIETING DOESNT EQUAL HAPPINESS.🙅🏻 Body love does. 〰 My weight going up hasn't bought the happiness either because my mood/happiness isn't size dependant anymore and never will be for me; it's the letting go of... ❌ RESTRICTIONS ❌FOOD RULES ❌NEGATIVE SELF TALK ❌FEAR FOODS ❌LOW CALORIE DIET FOODS ❌DIET CULTURE ❌COMPARISON ❌EXCESSIVE EXERCISE ❌EXERCISE FOR ASTHETICS ❌FEAR OF WEIGHT GAIN That's bought me true happiness within myself. 〰 Your body isn't the enemy and it doesn't need to seasonally change.... it doesn't need to change at all. Work YOUR body and OWN it! . . Bikini by @aerie

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Would you believe me if I told you there was 6 months between these pictures? How about 6 minutes and a bit of posing / smoothing of the skin on an app? ❌HINT❌: it's the second one. 〰 I could tell you I've restricted, spent every second in the gym and this is my transformation. Would you believe it? 〰 I could tell you I've been using a cellulite toning detox cream for a week and this is the result, would you believe me? 〰 I could tell you I've cut out sugar for 3 weeks and ran 12 miles a day and this is my transformation, would you believe it? 〰 I could tell you that I've eaten a certain protein bar for breakfast everyday along side shakes for lunch and this is the result. Would you believe it? 〰 I could tell you that I was depressed on the left and happier now on the right, would you believe it? I could tell you that I weigh less on the right, would you believe it? 〰 The reality of things we see are often so far from the truth. 6 minutes difference, same day, same girl just posed a smoothing skin filter used. 〰 Dont trust everything you see on the internet or in the media. Don't compare yourself, don't strive to be a fake image or anything other than your true authentic self for that matter. You rule as you are, do you, please you and live for you. Unfollow negative pages and surround yourself with love. You've got this, I've got this, we've all got this. 💛We are strong, valid, worthy and powerful beyond measure.

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Every time I log into Instagram I see some variation of fitness model posing with a booty pop. 〰 The expectations of women's butts or what's seen as attractive has been basically narrowed down to tiny waist, big, round butt with no cellulite. (I mean, fuck what's 'seen as attractive' anyways but the pressure is real and affecting many) We see it everywhere 'squat for the perfect booty' 'she squats bro' URGH. 〰 The thing is... all butts are beautiful. Big Small Flat Round Cellulite Smaller than hips Bigger than hips Etc etc etc etc. Literally no exceptions. 〰 Our butts look different in different clothing, poses and underwear and that's cool. 〰 Just remember, poses and filters make bodies look entirely different and cellulite is cute and normal. Don't compare yourself to anyone.

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