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      • 06:00QuackerzMovies

        Animated adventure about a peaceful and secluded island of mandarin ducks that is accidentally invaded by a flock of mallards, sparking a feathered fight. Howev... Lasīt tālāk

        08:00London Has FallenMovies

        When the Prime Minister passes away in mysterious circumstances, the leaders of the Western world arrive in London for his funeral. What begins as the most secu... Lasīt tālāk

        10:00Slow WestMovies

        Set in the 19th century, Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is a young, Scottish noble who travels to America in a bid to seek out his true love Rose (Caren Pisor... Lasīt tālāk

      • 12:00Tower HeistMovies

        After the workers at a luxury Central Park condominium discover the penthouse billionaire has stolen their retirement and with only days until the billionaire g... Lasīt tālāk

        13:45Two WrongsMovies

        Nurse and single mother Sarah (Gillian Zinser) struggles daily to balance her work and home life - particularly in spending time with her 7-year-old daughter La... Lasīt tālāk

        15:30American SniperMovies

        U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) takes his mission - to protect his comrades - to heart and becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history... Lasīt tālāk

        17:50Maze Runner 2Movies

        The next chapter of the Maze Runner sequel begins with Thomas ( Dylan O´Brien ) and his fellow Gladers searching for clues about a powerful organisation... Lasīt tālāk

      • 20:00The Danish GirlMovies

        Copenhagen, 1926. Danish artist, Gerda Wegener, painted her own husband, Einar Wegener, as a lady in her painting. When the painting gained popularity, Einar st... Lasīt tālāk

        22:00Secret in Their EyesMovies

        A tight-knit team of investigators are torn apart with grief, when one of the team´s daughter is found brutally murdered. Former Los Angeles DA inspector (Chiwe... Lasīt tālāk

      • 00:00The Bourne UltimatumMovies

        All he wanted was to disappear. Instead, Jason Bourne is now hunted by the people who made him what he is. Having lost his memory and the one person he loved, h... Lasīt tālāk

        02:00Back to the Future IIMovies

        Marty (Michael J. Fox) and Doc (Christopher Lloyd) fix the McFly family in the year 2015 only to find new wrinkles back home in Hill Valley, 1985, which forces ... Lasīt tālāk

        03:45Winter’s TaleMovies

        Professional burglar Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) breaks into the home of the beautiful Beverley Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay). Despite being from different worlds... Lasīt tālāk

  • LTV1 ēterā «Džihāda bērni»
    Otrdien, 17. oktobrī, plkst.22.05 LTV1 ēterā pirmizrādi piedzīvos šogad Francijā tapusī dokumentālā filma «Džihāda bērni».